Advocating for Women
in the Legal Profession


Texas Women Lawyers is committed to the empowerment of women lawyers to achieve full rights, privileges and  responsibilities in the legal profession.  Through our network, we advocate the interests of women in the justice system and society. TWL aims:

  1. To promote and protect the interests of women attorneys and to achieve their full participation in all the rights, privileges and benefits of the legal profession;
  2. To advance opportunities for women attorneys and to improve access to positions of merit and responsibility;
  3. To promote and assist in the organization and growth of local women’s bar associations;
  4. To serve as a vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of information and ideas among women’s bar associations;
  5. To promote continuing legal education; and
  6. To promote the advancement of women in society and in the administration of justice.


Texas Women Lawyers was created to coordinate, facilitate and promote women’s issues in the law and in the profession.  The existence of a number of women’s bar associations and organizations throughout the state necessitated the creation of an umbrella group to share ideas and resources and speak effectively with a common voice on women’s issues in the legal profession.

Over the years, TWL has hosted an Annual Meeting and CLE focusing on issues facing women in the profession, networking, and business development.  Some of its most notable keynote speakers have included Susan Estrich, Gloria Allred, and more. At the event, TWL presents its Pathfinder Award to an individual who has been a champion promoting the advancement of women in the law and who exemplifies professionalism, leadership, and commitment to the public interest.


Texas Women Lawyers is guided by its Bylaws.
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